Rose Matthews Research 

Head and shoulders of white person with silver grey short hair and pink framed glasses. They are wearing a rainbow beaded necklace and drop earrings.

Rose Matthews (they/them) BA, MA / Diploma in Social Work, FRSA.

As a former social work academic I respect traditional ways of working, but I am by nature an innovator. I have a passion for social justice, a commitment to evidence based practice, and well-developed problem-solving skills.  

I can design and deliver online or face to face presentations, advise on research funding proposals, co-produce research, and maximise impact. I offer 'proofreading plus' (sense-checking and sensitivity-reading of manuscripts and web content, not just spotting typos!).     

My varied career has spanned the public, private, and third sectors. Recently I've specialised in autism research, but I don't want to be typecast, so feel free to ask me to do other things!       

"I do what I love, and I love what I do, which is often discovering something new!" 

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